Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Madam excerpt from Keeping Her Wet: Mika, Madam & Martinez!

Copyright of M. Robinson
My pussy clenched as he made his way toward me, looking like sex on a fucking stick. The same look that always made my heart beat faster and my pussy wet. I stood in the middle of my office, standing taller the closer he got to me.
Getting near my face, Mika murmured, “You smell like you want to be fucked, Lilith, do you want us to fuck you?” he baited in a sinful tone.
I smiled, big and wide. “You can’t be serious.”
“You know how many times I’ve thought about that night? How many times I’ve stroked my cock to the images of watching my boy fuck you? How much I remember the way your asshole felt while there was a cock deep inside your wet, fucking cunt? You see… I don’t mind sharing because I know who you fucking belong to. Who am I to deny you of such pleasure? When I fuck more VIPs than I know what to do with… You know I like to watch, angel. You’re my favorite fucking thing to watch.”
My chest rose and fell with each word that fell from his lips. I perched myself forward to try to kiss him, but he teasingly moved his head away. Roughly gripping onto the back of my hair by the nook of my neck, tugging back ever so slightly. Making me yelp from the sudden intrusion.
“Your body is mine to do with as I please, it always has been. It’s why you keep coming back for more, angel. There’s no one who can fuck you like I can… except maybe him?”
My eyes shifted toward Martinez who was still sitting back in his chair, calm, cool and fucking collected.
“Are you challenging me, motherfucker?” he baited, giving Mika exactly what he wanted. Sending shivers coursing down my spine.
“Don’t pretend like you haven’t paid for a VIP, Martinez. Little did you know that Lilith here… The Madam is the best. Trust me, I would know. I’ve fucked them all. With and without her watching, let alone her fucking consent.”
Martinez narrowed his eyes at me. “Doesn’t it bother you that he fucks other women?”
“I know whose pussy he belongs to,” I mocked Mika, throwing his words back at him. Only looking at him.
“Neither of us are one’s for being monogamous. But angel here… doesn’t get to play that often since she’s taken over as Queen Fucking B. I enjoy watching her get fucked quite a bit. I mean look at her, she’s like a goddamn bitch in heat. It’s one of the things I love the most about her. Always willing, ready, and soaking fucking wet… tell him, Lilith, tell him how much you love getting fucked in every hole,” Mika roared in a domineering, yet sexy tone that made my pussy clench.
Martinez stood, walking up in front of me. Stopping when he was inches away from my face. “You trust me enough to let me fuck you in the culo?” Martinez inquired with lust and determination laced in his voice.
“Mmm hmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes.
“Get on your fucking knees,” Mika ordered, shoving me down to the floor in one rough movement.
Mika loved to claim that he was the only one who could ever order me around, in and out of the bedroom. I would be lying if I said he was wrong.
I hated it as much as I loved it.
Especially right now.
“I’ll reward you when you fucking earn it. Now pull out his cock and show me just how good of a deep throating whore you are.” He looked up to Martinez with a fucking smirk. “The question is, should we let her come, motherfucker?”
I smiled from ear-to-ear and happily obliged.
They wanted a VIP then I’d give them the fucking Madam.

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