Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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I sighed, grabbing a pair of boxing gloves hanging from the ring, and started hitting one of the punching bags. A sequence of right, left hooks that barely budged the massive bag. It made me feel better, so I hit it again and again and again. Losing count of how many times I struck it.
Until I overheard Noah chastise, “Your form is all wrong.”
I spun and glared at him. “Hey, I know how to fight. I can kick someone’s ass too.”
“Is that right?” he drawled, walking up to me. Placing a bag of ice against my bruised forehead, causing me to hiss.
I ignored his sly grin and answered, “Yeah, that’s right.” Cocking my head side-to-side. “I’m a badass bitch, mothafucka,” I mocked in arrogant tone.
“Don’t call yourself a bitch, and don’t fuckin’ cuss.”
I put my hands on his chest, giving him a little shove. Spewing nothing but attitude, “You want a piece of me? Is that it, Prospect?”
He hadn’t said much about his new role in his MC life, and to be honest I was too scared for him to ask. We didn’t talk about our time apart, we just lived in the moment like we always had. It was easier falling back into the refuge and comfort we sought out in each other, in the first place. Making our time together that more memorable, personal, life changing.
That more everything.
His eyes zeroed in on me, amused with my performance. “I just saw you get your ass kicked by a locker. That answer your question?”
I snidely eyed him up and down, staying in character. Shoving the ice away from my forehead to get right up in his face. I mimicked the way he talked, “You scared of me? Cuz I ain’t scared of you.” And to really prove my point, I dramatically threw off my gloves and started jumping up and down, from my left foot to my right, holding my fists out in front of me like a real boxer. “I can take you raw.” Referring to my bare knuckles.
“Those are fightin’ words, little girl.”
“I’m a fucking ninja.” With that I went to punch him in the face with my right fist, but he caught it.
“What I tell you ‘bout cussin’?”
“You ain’t the boss of me,” I sassed, trying to hit him with my left fist, but he caught that one too.
“Didn’t ya say you were gonna try not to hurt yourself,” he taunted, spinning me around so fast that my back collided with his solid chest which felt like a steel wall. His sculpted arm snaked around my neck, holding my tiny frame captive against his massive physique. “Whataya gonna do now? You’re at my mercy,” he rasped in my ear, thrusting his groin into my ass. “Ya feel that? That’s not me scared of you, baby, that’s me fuckin’ hard for you. Wantin’ to take you fuckin’ raw.”
My eyes widened and my heart started to race a mile a second.
“Not so tough now, yeah? Not when my cock is in between your ass cheeks. Ya said you wanted a piece of me, is it everythin’ you imagined back there in the locker room? Huh? Or is it too fuckin’ big for your tiny pretty little pussy?”
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