Thursday, January 28, 2016


Check out some of our pictures from Cabo this week! Now we are headed to LA for the RARE2016 Author Signing!!! Amazing vacation with some amazing memories! 

This guy jumped on the back of our boat on our way in! I thought he was going to bite me so I kept my eye on him! Boss man thought it was hilarious.

He's coming for me... I don't want to surf. I'm doing great sitting here watching.

You know you've been drinking when you're getting a photo op with a lizard name Tequila. ‪#‎MyNewFriend‬

Boss man getting ready to head back out to surf but came to have lunch with me! I'm writing.

Swinging at the bar! 

Boss Man! <3 

Boss man hates riding horses but he surprised me and did it anyways!


This bird was saying "Hey asshole!" as we walked by and of course boss man had to take a picture with it. Lol!

Last night in Cabo! 

This sums up last night. I went to the bathroom and come back to these balloon head pieces that boss man had made. His was already on his head. Lol! The balloon lady said that he wanted something like a crown for his queen. I told her he was trying to get laid... He replied with something overly descriptive and inappropriate. You can clearly see how schwasted he is here.


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