Thursday, May 26, 2016

What’s Next?


Alejandro Martinez (Title TBA)
Coming August 2016

Sneak Peek

"Didn't I tell you not to fuck with me?"
"I-I-I—" Lexi sputtered. Her demeanor suddenly changed from confidence to fear.
"Didn't I warn you that I wasn't in the mood for your fucking bullshit tonight?"
"I'm sor—"
I put my hand up, stopping her. I hated that she was fucking apologizing to me. I hated that she never listened to a goddamn word that came out of my mouth. But most of all, I hated that I didn’t give a flying fuck that I was scaring the shit out of her.  
Maybe next time she would fucking listen to me.
“Didn't I tell you not to fucking provoke me?"
She shook her head back and forth. Her lip quivered, which only made my cock twitch from the sight of her.
I unhooked my cufflinks, rolling my shirt sleeves up my forearms. I unbuckled my belt next, forcefully pulling it out of the loops of my slacks.
"You can't do—"
I raised my hand and swung the belt down, not allowing her to finish her goddamn question. I just wanted her to shut the fuck up and do as she was told. She gasped as it hissed through the air and hit the corner of my desk right beside her making her jump. Her eyes widened with fear, instantly stepping back and away from me.
I didn't falter.
Gripping my belt tight, I cracked it again on the wooden floor in front of me. The sharp noise ricocheted all around us, echoing off the walls.
She immediately shuddered, panting profusely. Her tits rose and descended with each stride that brought me closer to her. She backed herself into a chair, stumbling to stay upright. My grasp tightened. White knuckling the belt, I gritted out, 
"What, cariño? Ask me again. What can't I fucking do?


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