Thursday, September 1, 2016

“Are you aware that they call you 'El Diablo’?”

“Are you aware that they call you 'El Diablo’?”
He grinned, resting his chin on his steeple hands. He just sat there and flashed me his devilish grin. His tantalizing eyes quickly changed into the predatory stare, I’d grown to yearn for.
“You like that, don’t you? Being known as 'The Devil'?” I questioned, licking my suddenly dry lips.
His silence was deafening. His intense glare, like an array of tiny razor blades on my skin. Penetrating deep within my core. Making me feel hot and nervous all at once. I couldn’t fathom how he always had this effect on me with just a simple look.
“Do you even know why they call you that?” I blurted, needing to make conversation, and break the trance he had on me.
Desperately wanting him to answer my questions. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his desk. His thumb running back and forth over his lower lip, un-dressing me with his dilated, mysterious eyes. My heart sped up, heat raced through my veins from his not so subtle regard. When he caught me staring at the movement of his mouth, he leaned back and grinned again.
Growling, “If I touched you, cariño. You'd know why too.”

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author M Robinson
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