Friday, September 2, 2016

Naughty Excerpt from my New Release El Diablo

Naughty Excerpt from my New Release El Diablo

Intended for 18 years old + 

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Placing her leg back on the lowest barre. I eased into her opening from behind, stretching her slowly, gently, letting her adjust to my size. Rubbing her breasts, stimulating her clit at the same time. Playing her body like it was made just for me.
“Alejandro,” she panted when I was balls deep in-side of her.
“Fuck, you feel good,” I growled, thru
sting in and out of her pussy. There was something animalistic in my voice I’d never heard before.
Grabbing her cheek, I turned her face to claim her goddamn fucking mouth again. My fingers never let up on her clit. I couldn’t get enough of her. It started off slow, but my movements became urgent and more de-manding. Her mouth parted, her chest heaved, feeling her wetness slipping out of her onto my balls. I alter-nated between my palm and fingers to manipulate her nub, her hips moving in the opposite direction that I stimulated. Her clit overly exposed from the angle.
“I’m going to… God… I’m gonna…” she moaned in between kisses.
“Come on my cock, baby. Let me feel your sweet tight fucking pussy.”
Her eyes widened in pleasure. Her pussy tightened, squeezing the fuck out of my shaft. Feeling her come drip down my balls. I didn’t falter, not allowing her any time to recover. I pulled out, picking her up and laying her sideways, parallel along the freestanding barre. I straddled it. She whimpered in yearning as my nails raked down her torso. Clutching onto her hips to steady her as she gripped the wood she was laying on above her head. In one thrust I was deep inside her, sliding her soaking wet pussy up and down on my cock. Her back rubbed along the barre as I slammed into her, thrust af-ter thrust. Moan after moan. Her mouth parted, her breathing escalated, and when her eyes started to roll to the back of her head, I yanked her neck forward so that they would stay open.
It was the most intense feeling in my entire life. Nothing compared to having sex with Lexi.
Not one damn thing.
No one did.
She went fucking crazy. Moaning. Screaming. Cli-maxing over and over again, her body trembling. I gripped her hips harder, knowing there would be mark-ings when I was done having my way with her. Her noises grew louder the closer I got to coming.
“I’ll never get tired of your fucking pussy. It be-longs to me. You’re fucking mine,” I growled from within my chest. Thrusting in one last time, releasing my seed deep inside of her.
Right where it fucking belonged.
I shook with my release and kissed her passionately, both of us panting profusely. Helping her off the barre, she threw on her clothes.
I took her home.
To my bed.
Where I continued to have my way with her for the rest of the goddamn night. 

Copyright of Author M. Robinson

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author M Robinson
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