Monday, December 12, 2016


Finding peace amongst the world’s chaos.
I climbed up onto the rope swing that hung just above the water off a willow branch. Put my head-phones on, scrolled through my songs, and found what I was looking for. I started to swing to the soft melody of “Broken” by Seether. Watching the ground beneath me blur into one. Singing at the top of my lungs when the song hit my favorite part.
When all of a sudden the swing jerked back, almost sending me into the water. I let out a scream, turning back to see who was behind me. Never expecting to see him.
“Got some set of lungs on ya,” he chuckled, letting go of the swing.
“What the hell? You scared the shit out of me!” I exclaimed, immediately hopping off the swing. Kicking water up, splashing him.
He grinned in that Creed, smartass sort of way. Cocking his head to the side, he challenged, “Don’t start a war you can’t win, Pippin.”
“Oh yeah, soldier?” I never took my eyes off his as I tossed all my stuff next to my sandals on the shore-line, so it wouldn’t get wet.
With a shit-eating grin on my face, I leaned for-ward, building up the anticipation of what I was about to do. Pushing my hands through the water, I shoved a huge wave into his face.
He stepped back, his eyes widening in shock of what I’d done. “Don’t try me,” he dared, hiding back a smile.
“I thought I already did.” I splashed him again, this time with much more water in my hands. Not caring he was wearing his cut, which still didn’t have any of my patches on it.
“Do it one more time and watch what happens, baby girl.”
“Hmmm…” I contemplated, placing my finger on the corner of my lips. “I’m not a baby, I’m almost fif-teen! And the name’s Pippin! Get it straight!”
I didn’t give him a chance to reply before I went full force, splashing him as much as I could. Laughing my ass off the entire time, never letting up. Throwing heaps of water at him.
I vaguely heard him say, “Can’t bitch, I warned ya.”
“Wha—” He threw me over his shoulder as if I weighed nothing. Catching me by surprise. Holding the back of my knees to keep me locked in place.
“Wait! What are you doing? This isn’t fair! You’re bigger than me!” I shouted, pressing my hands on his back to look up and see where we were going.
He walked deeper into the lake, not caring he was getting his jeans completely soaked.
“NO! I don’t want to go in there, Creed! I’m wear-ing a pretty dress! Please!” I pleaded, kicking and screaming. His hands shifted to grip onto my waist, get-ting ready to do the unthinkable. I held onto him tighter, even though I knew it didn’t matter, he was stronger than me.
“Beggin’ won’t work in this situation, Pippin. Shoulda’ thought of that before you decided you want-ed to go to war with a soldier. I don’t lose.”

☆✭From USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author M. Robinson✭☆


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