Thursday, December 1, 2016

Road to Nowhere Sexy Excerpt


She bit her lip, fucking baiting me.
“What do ya think is gonna go down here, Pippin?” I questioned, arching an eyebrow. My hands craved to grip her waist, and show her exactly what to do with her pussy, which was sitting on my cock.
My fingers begging me to touch her, to feel her up against me. Aching for something I shouldn’t, knowing it would only lead to fucking trouble.
“You’re leaving,” she purred, as if that answered everything.
“No shit.”
“What if you don’t come back? What if something happens to you? Then you’ll never know how I feel. How I’ve always felt. About you.”
“Jesus Christ,” I breathed out. “Pippin, you don’t—”
“Please,” she interrupted with the sincerest expression on her pretty little face that I’ve ever seen. “Don’t tell me what I can feel.” Grabbing my hand, she placed it over her racing heart. “You do this to me every time I’m around you. You’re the one person in my life that’s never made me feel like a child. I’ve known you since I was nine years old, Creed. And since the first moment I saw you, I’ve thought about you every day since. Please…”
“What do you want from me, Mia?” I asked, letting my hand slip from her chest, down her waist. Not being able to handle the feel of her smooth, silky skin under my calloused palms.
I could see all the buildup, months of anticipation, longing, and desire in her eyes as she hesitantly leaned forward, placing her hands back on my chest. Slowly bringing her lips to meet mine. It started off with just a peck, until she opened her mouth, seeking out my tongue.
This kiss was so much different from our last.
It was all her now, showing me everything I had fucking taught her, just to shut her up. I let it go on. I enabled her, allowing her to feel like she was in control for a few seconds. Carelessly letting my walls and reserve come crumbling down. She kissed me with all the passion she could muster, exploring my mouth in ways no one else ever had. Bringing me to the verge of fucking losing myself, getting lost in the moment.
Getting lost in her.
Forgetting who the fuck was straddling me. My hands gripped onto her thighs, itching to move up to the seam of her panties.
Fighting the battle between right and wrong.
But she smelled so fucking good…
A man could only take so much, and I was at my tipping point. I no longer had any control over my movements as she was sitting in my arms for the first time. Sliding my hands along her smooth thighs, to feel her soft skin against my fingers. Gliding them up toward her waist, my thumbs pressing higher on the wire of her bra.
“You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on,” I rasped against her lips, kissing her, claiming her... 
Fucking devouring her.

Copyright 2016 Author M. Robinson

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author M. Robinson 



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That is so hot ! wow ! ������������������������������������������������Awesome M just awesome !

Angie Turner said...

That's just about one of the hottest things I've ever read and I CAN NOT WAIT for this book!! You f'ing ROCK M!

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