Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Naughty #TeaserTuesday!!! #NotEdited I want your thoughts!! <3
“Your pussy is so fuckin’ tight. That’s right, just like that, baby. Fuck my fingers, ride them like you would my fuckin’ cock.”
Her body arched, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her hands balled up, on the edge of release. I didn’t let up, moving my fingers so fast, so deep inside her, wanting her to come apart so fucking hard. Still not stopping until she screamed out my fucking name. Her body shook, trembled, and quivered, barely being able to come any longer. I allowed her some mercy, letting her catch her breath and steady her heart.
I had her clothes off in matter of seconds. Yanking my shirt over my head, throwing it to the ground with hers. Gripping onto her legs, I didn’t hesitate, placing my face between her goddamn thighs.
Needing to taste her.
I ate her pussy until I had her come dripping down my chin, onto my chest. My rough, callused hands sought out her breasts. Kneading her tits, pulling at her nipples, and making her come undone with my tongue. I slid my hands to her hips, holding on, rotating them to follow the rhythm of my lips. It had been so long since I made her fuck my face.
Fucking her with my mouth, bringing her on the verge of shuddering. Wanting to come again, needing to fucking come again. I kicked off my boots, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. Gripping my shaft, working myself over, all while lapping at her sweet pussy.
Taking the time to slowly rim my finger around her asshole. “Gonna let me in, babe?” I drawled out, gently pushing my middle finger inside.
Her body locked up, but only for a second. My mouth became more urgent, more demanding, sending her spiraling into a frantic frenzy. Her legs shook, her core vibrated. Her ass took my finger in like I knew it would, once I got her to focus on the pleasure, sliding in and out of her. Stroking the back of her g-spot through the walls of her asshole.
“Holy shit,” she panted in a heady tone, not expecting how good I could make her feel.
“Here, baby… Like it here…yeah?” I taunted. “My finger is fuckin’ your ass, Pippin. Now tell me you want my cock,” I groaned, watching her come so fucking hard as I stretched her as best as I could. Never letting up on my dick with my other hand. Gripping it tighter, imagining it was her tight little cunt wrapped around me. Working my shaft, the only way her pussy knew how.
I sat up, wanting to take a good look at her perfect fucking physique for what felt like the first time in over a month.
She was goddamn perfection.
So fucking beautiful. She peered up at me through hooded eyes, so dark and dilated. Watching me stroke my dick. Jerking off harder from the sight of her.
I looked deep into her eyes and spoke with conviction, 
“Want my cock?”

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