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I watched with stone cold eyes as the shiny white casket was lowered into the earth’s soil. The heavens were weeping right along with me, raindrops seeping into my black jacket.
Burning my core.
Little by little.
Deeper and deeper.
Until darkness surrounded me, until all eyes were only staring at me, I could feel their eagerness, like a noose around my neck. Waiting for me to react, waiting for me to breakdown, just waiting for me to do something.
It could have been one minute, two hours, or three days that had passed in front of my swollen eyes. I truthfully couldn’t say how long I’d been standing there. If my puffy eyes and shivering body were any indications, I would have guessed a few hours. Time just seemed to stand still while my whole world shattered all around me.
Piece by piece.
One by one.
Now there would be nothing left of me. Not the girl everyone wanted me to be. Not the girl everyone remembered. The old Mia. All they saw was a hollow shell of a person they used to know, holding onto the hope that she was still somewhere deep inside of me. Not the girl…
Who had ceased to exist.
Except I tried to pretend I wasn't there. I tried to imagine that my life hadn't been changed in a matter of seconds. That my world hadn't been turned upside down in the span of a few hours. That everything I wanted to believe in wasn't truly…
A lie.
Life was about choices...
Good ones.
Bad ones.
It was the butterfly effect. Every action had a reaction. Once something was changed, you couldn’t stop the chain of events following. One simple decision could be the catalyst of chaos.
One minuscule second.
One life-altering moment.
Set the tracks in motion.
It was what made the world go around. It allowed you to see glimpses of what could have been if you made a different choice. There were no do-overs, no matter how much you tried to reach those invisible lines and put them back in order, fixing what was broken. It would tease you, showing you the possibilities of a different outcome, but then it would laugh in your face like a cruel entity telling you it would never be.
Not now.
Not ever.
Except this decision wasn’t my own. I didn't choose this. I didn't want this. I never prayed for this. My worst nightmare became my reality. In the end, it didn’t matter.
Because this decision not only changed me, but my entire future.
It also cost me the love of my life. The person I watched being buried deep into the ground, six feet under, where I would never see them again.
Not one smile.
Not one I love you.
Not one
Not one
Not one
I tightly shut my eyes, listening to the rain pelt the concrete and the ratchet noise of the hoist taking everything away from me. And then, I suddenly felt him behind me.
Everything about him hurt.
His scent, his aura, especially his love for me.
For us.  
“I’m sorry. I’m so fuckin’ sorry,” he voiced in a tone that was filled with nothing but pain and remorse. His guilt was so thick, so consuming, I could feel it engulfing me, making it hard to breathe.
Hard to think.
Hard to feel.
Right now, at this moment.
My life ended before it ever even had a chance…
To begin.
While I stared at the gray granite tombstone, etched with the last name...

My eyes fluttered open just slightly, only to be met with nothing but darkness. A thick piece of fabric obstructing my view. I tried to get my arms to move, to take off the offending object, but it was no use. I was too weak. I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn’t get the words to come out. My lips were too dry, my throat was raw and burning, making it hard to swallow, let alone speak. I tried to process what was going on, what had happened, how long I had been out, but I couldn’t push through the haze. I was so tired, so dizzy, so out of it that panic couldn’t even set in.
My head pounded heavily as if it weighed a thousand pounds. Sensing as though it was lying on someone’s lap, the rough material of my abductors pants, scraped against my cheek. All I could hear was the rumbling of a loud engine while a cool breeze swept across my face, neck, and hair. My body was warm which made me think a blanket was wrapped around me, but I was numb. All I could feel was the vibration from the uneven ground we must have been driving on.
The vehicle felt like it never stopped climbing and turning. Right, left then right again, over and over, throwing me off course. There was no way I could keep up with the twists and turns. My sense of direction was long gone. Nothing seemed familiar, not the sounds and not the scents. I was too drowsy to function. My body continued to be jostled from the fast movements. The roads were coarse and jagged, making the ride extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. The sound of the wind whistled in my ears as we whipped through what I thought might have been a forest because tree branches snapped under the weight of the tires. I could occasionally hear branches scraping against the roof of the car.
They were driving so fast, as if they were getting away from someone. I couldn’t fathom why I was there, what my role was in all of this and before I could give it another thought, I blacked out again.
My head fell back against the headrest in my Jeep, staring at the house out in front of me.
Creed and Noah’s house.
The irony was not lost on me. Although, I couldn’t possibly complain, it wouldn’t be fair to Noah if I did. He had stepped up in every way possible when it came to the baby girl that grew inside of me. In the process of it all, I don’t know how it happened, but we started to become close friends. I couldn't help it. I had spent more time with Noah than I ever had with Creed, in the past seven years. Ever since I first laid eyes on his tortured soul, it had always been a game of push and pull. Even just thinking about him made me smile. I sat there contemplating, trying to convince myself to walk into his childhood home for the very first time.
Except it wouldn’t be his warm welcoming arms that wrapped around me, engulfing me with his comforting musky scent that I loved more than anything.
It would be his brother’s.
My baby’s father.
The man that shouldn’t be looking at me like I was the one he’d been waiting for all his life. I’d often catch glimpses of Noah staring at me adoringly during our many doctor visits. He didn’t even try to hide it. Noah wanted our unborn child. He wanted to be a part of this journey. He wanted it all.
A future.
A life.
A forever…
Possibly with me.
If I knew the truth, there was no way in hell Creed didn’t. The thought alone sent shivers down my spine, making the ends of my hair stand straight up. Feeling the consequences of what hadn’t happened yet, but would eventually come.
The inevitable.
A battle.
For my heart.
I learned pretty quickly that Noah was just as lost as his brother, if not more. His eyes held the same sadness that Creed’s carried all his life. A burden I could never understand or contemplate. I didn’t know anything about the Vice Prez of Devil's Rejects, other than what his eyes always showed me. What his sullen presence provided me, or what his strong, callused hands and fervent, burning lips promised me.
His love.
Noah was a lot like his older brother, but at the same time, they couldn’t have been more different. Like night and day, and oil and water. The more time I spent with Noah, the easier it was for me to see a side of him that I wished Creed would show me after all these years.   
His heart.
Creed was still guarded, broody, and temperamental, and those were some of his best qualities. All I could hope for was that eventually he would open up, show me the man I knew was behind his cut all along. The man who I’d loved since I was nine years old.
I shook off the sentiment, taking in a deep breath, closing my eyes, and placing my hand on my swollen belly. Imagining a breathtakingly beautiful baby with bright blue eyes and dark brown hair, smiling back up at me. An expression on her face that looked exactly like her father’s. A smile I couldn't help but love. Much like Creed’s.
“Jesus, Mia, get your shit together,” I whispered to myself, wishing more than anything it was Creed’s baby girl I was carrying.
I sighed, chastising myself. Creed’s priority was the MC, which I’d known since day one. It was more so now than ever before, or so I thought. He was traveling all over the place, day in and day out. I barely kept up with where he was, or what he was getting involved in. All I knew was he had to go whether he liked it or not. Everything changed so quickly and so suddenly.
I never stopped thinking about him.
I never stopped praying that he stayed safe.
I never stopped…
Loving him.
I couldn’t. He was a part of me in more ways than one. He always had been. Yet to this day, I didn’t know why. It was one of those unexplainable things, a powerful magnetic pull that only he held over me.
And he knew it.
Using it to push me away every chance he got.  
I took one last deep breath to steady my nerves, opened the Jeep’s door, and hopped out, straightening my dress before I made my way to their front porch.
The sonogram picture of our baby girl held tightly in my grasp. Noah wanted a girl and had been beyond excited since they told us that afternoon. He wanted to tell the world or at least his mom. He’d been inviting me over to his house for the last several months, but I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t come. I guess now was as good of a time as any to finally meet her. Secretly wishing Creed had been the one to invite me to meet his mother and not his brother.
Noah wanted me to be a part of his world, and I think Creed only wanted to be a part of mine, if that made any sense.
I knocked on the door and waited while looking around the front yard. Memories of the last time I was here instantly assaulted every last fiber of my being, witnessing the fallout between Creed and my father all over again. Thinking how things had changed in just four short months. At least between Noah and me. My dad still hated the boys, and felt the need to remind me often that they were nothing but biker trash, even though he knew his words hurt me. He still couldn’t look me in the eyes, and I hated that more than anything.
“Hey, pretty girl,” Noah greeted, pulling me back to reality, moving aside to let me in.
I shyly smiled, looking down at the ground as I walked by him.
“I like your dress,” he added, grinning. Eyeing me up and down, taking in my white flowy maxi dress.
I swallowed hard, locking eyes with him. The familiar mischievous spark glimmered right back at me.
“Thanks,” I replied.
“You get dressed up for me, Mia?”
I smirked. “Don’t flatter yourself, Rebel.” I never called him Noah, I only knew him as Rebel. “I wanted to look nice for your momma.”
“Don’t need to put on a dress to accomplish that.”
I shyly smiled again, my cheeks flushing. “Are you going to show me around or just stand there and flirt with me?”
“It ain’t flirtin’ if you’ve already slept with the girl.” He put his hand on my belly, proving his point.
I stepped into the foyer a little further, putting some distance between us. He smiled, shaking his head, pulling the screen door shut, but leaving the other open to allow the evening summer breeze to flow in.
“Come on.” He grabbed my hand, leading the way around his parents’ house.
Showing me all the rooms, including his, which was just how I imagined it. A typical guy’s room complete with a big screen T.V. and PlayStation. A black bedspread ruffled on his mattress, and laundry piling up in the corner.
He continued, walking past a closed door that I assumed was Creed’s room, not stopping to show me, much to my disappointment. It was the room I wanted to see the most, hoping it would give me more answers about the man I loved. Instead, I took the opportunity to look at all the pictures of Creed throughout the years on the walls. He was the cutest baby and little boy, looking so sweet and innocent, but I knew otherwise. Already sporting tattoos from such a young age, and a cigarette in his mouth in almost every picture shortly after.
“This house is beautiful. Your momma did a great job making it feel so homey and loving.”
He narrowed his eyes at me as if what I’d just said had been anything but the truth.
“Oh my God, Noah, is this you?” I pointed to the baby boy straddling a mini-motorcycle. Creed stood next to the bike, holding another little boy that looked a few years younger in a headlock.
“Who is this?” I pointed to the mystery boy, noticing another picture of him on the wall with a rosary hanging from the frame.
“Our brother, Luke.” Noah simply stated, not elaborating.
“I didn’t know you guys had another brother.” I glanced over at him dumbfounded.
“We don’t. Not anymore.”   
“Mia!” A woman’s voice, who I assumed was their mother’s, echoed down the long narrow hallway into the living room where we stood. She immediately pulled me into a tight hug. “So nice to officially meet you, honey. I’ve heard so much about you and your family, I feel like I already know you.”
I hugged her back, pushing back the thoughts of the Jameson boy I didn’t even know existed. Making a mental note to ask Creed about it later.
“I’ve heard a lot about you, too. But please don’t believe everything you hear from Creed, he—”
“Creed?” She pulled away, cocking her head to the side. “You mean Noah?”
I shook my head. “Right.” Playing it off like I said the wrong name, trying to hide the hurt expression on my face. “I mean, don’t believe everything Noah has told you. He—”
“Hasn’t said anything but the truth. You’re perfect, Mia. Couldn’t ask for a better girl.”
I smiled again, ignoring the sentiment in his tone. Handing his momma the sonogram picture in my hand. “Congratulations, Grandma. It’s a girl!”
She beamed, staring down at the photo with the same expression my mom had when she saw it earlier that day. Her eyes welled up with unshed tears. Before I could give it too much thought, Noah tugged me into the nook of his arm, close to the side of his body. My hand subconsciously connected with his firm, muscular chest. Steadying myself.  
From an outsider looking in, we probably appeared to be a couple. I nervously laughed. Silently thanking God that Creed wasn’t there to witness this particular scene playing out. He would flip his shit if he saw—
I jolted awake from the unexpected bump we hit on the road, followed by a strong hand placed on my head in a comforting gesture, pulling me away from the day that was supposed to be nothing but happiness.
“Fuck! She’s waking up! Fucking hell, just keep her quiet,” I heard a male’s voice I didn’t recognize, shouting from behind me.
We weren’t alone.
I opened my mouth to scream, but quickly shut it when I felt a needle poke my thigh, and warmth spread throughout my entire core in a matter of seconds.
“Heeellllp me,” I whispered as loud as I could to no avail.
“Shhh…” the voice of the person who was rubbing my head coaxed near my face.
I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer to care, closing on their own. My body instantly went lax as sleep took over once again.

All eyes turned to him, stepping inside the house in that Creed sort of way. Dominant and overbearing, demanding that his presence be acknowledged by all.
Especially me.
“Creed, honey, what are you doing here?” his mom greeted him with a smile.
“Since when do I need an invitation to come home? I interruptin’ somethin’, Noah?” he snapped. His eyes burned holes into his brother’s arm that was still placed around me, which only provoked Noah to hold me tighter.  
I warily smiled at Creed, casually stepping away from Noah. I didn’t want to hurt Noah’s feelings. I tried to gauge Creed’s reaction as to how I should proceed. My heart was beating out of my chest so hard. I swear he could hear it.
“Of course you don’t,” their mom chimed in. “I just assumed you’d be at the club, honey, since you just got back this afternoon. Oh, you have to see this!” she yelped in excitement, rushing over to him. Things couldn’t have gotten worse than they were at that exact moment. “Mia brought this over with her. Look, honey! It’s a girl! We’re having a girl!”
He grabbed the photo out of her hand, looking down at my baby girl in his grasp. I wanted him to love her. I wanted him to love her just as much as I did without even having met her yet. The desire seeped out of my pores. He wasn’t the father, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t want him to feel protective over her like she was his own. She was still a part of him. My uncles may not be blood-related to me, but I loved them all like second fathers, and I prayed it would be the same for my baby girl and Creed, too.
There were no words to describe what I felt while the love of my life held my heart in his hands. His eyes scanned the sonogram picture, mesmerized by the tiny being, and for a moment I thought I saw everything I’d been hoping for since the second I found out I was pregnant.
It was my turn to beam.
He finally peered back up at me with daunting eyes. Breaking his silence, he spewed, “Your phone broke, Pippin? Was workin’ last night when you told me you missed me. Funny how those things work, yeah?”
My hopefulness quickly faded, not expecting his response. I stepped forward, roughly taking my baby girl’s first photo out of his hands.
“Bro, don’t see the reason why she has to call ya, you ain’t the father,” Noah snidely replied, making matters worse.
“Boys…” their mom warned, looking back and forth between them. “Mia came over with some great news. You both check your testosterone at the door. You hear me? Not tonight. Dinner’s going to be a while. Behave. I’m going to call Stacey and Laura and tell them we’re having a girl.”
She gave both of them one last stern look and left, walking into the kitchen. Noah’s phone rang as soon as she left, breaking the uncomfortable silence between us all.
“Yeah,” Noah answered, walking out of the room.
As soon as he was no longer in sight, Creed grabbed my hand, taking me by surprise. He rushed me into his room, shutting the door behind him. Not wasting any time, he leaned up against it and folded his arms over his broad chest.
I sighed, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. Mentally preparing myself for his wrath that I knew was about to be unleashed. Not getting the chance I’d been waiting for to look around his room even just for a second.
“Creed…” I coaxed just above a whisper.
 He put his hand up in the air, stopping me, cocking his head to the side. “You got one minute to fuckin’ explain what the fuck was that?” He sternly pointed to the door behind him. “Before I lose my shit. Don’t got any patience left for fuckin’ bullshit tonight, Pippin. Fuckin’ exhausted, been on my bike all goddamn day to come home to you. Only to find you at my Ma’s house with my brother’s arm around you like you’re his fuckin’ property. When you’re mine,” he gritted out, emphasizing the last word.
I acted fast, kicking off my wedges and sitting up on my knees in the center of his bed. Gazing adoringly up at him through my lashes, biting my bottom lip for good measure. I picked up the sides of my dress, swaying it side-to-side. Giving him that look which he was more than familiar with.  
“Do you like my dress? It’s new...” I smirked, batting my lashes at him. “I bought it just for you, babe. I know how you love the color white on me.”
“Is that right?” He grinned, pushing off the door. Walking over to me, each stride more confident than the last. My heart sped up, as my breathing quickened. In a few short seconds, he would be over to me, and all would be right with my world.
All I needed was Creed.
I fervently nodded with nothing but mischief in my eyes. I wanted him to hold me, kiss me, and tell me he loved me. I hadn’t seen him in weeks, but it felt like no time had passed between us, exactly how it always did. It never mattered how much time went by until we saw each other again. Our connection was always alive and thriving, beating right in front of us.
I slowly licked my lips. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a dress that’s still small, but will fit my…” I glided my fingers along the top of my ample cleavage that was popping at the seams. I knew he loved my breasts that were bigger now from my pregnancy. “They’re huge, right?” I leaned forward, slightly pushing them together, baiting him. Luring him in to love me again, and not be mad at me anymore.
He sat on the edge of the bed, immediately reaching over to bring me onto his lap, to straddle his thighs.
A much better position, I thought.
He softly, tenderly pecked my lips. Assaulting me with his peppermint and cigarette breath, making me quiver from that alone. His lips skimmed my neck then down to my breasts, which had doubled in size since he’d last seen me. I was so overly sensitive to everything, particularly his touch. He was taking his time with me, nice and slow like he knew I loved. His hands roamed while his tongue ran along the seam of my white dress, causing my head to fall back, and a soft moan to escape my lips.
“Pippin?” he said in between kissing me. “As much as I’d like to titty fuck you and come on these right now. Asked ya a question, expectin’ a fuckin’ answer.” He pulled away, lying back on his bed with his hands under his head.
Leaving me wanting more.
Wanting everything.
“Didn’t you miss me?” I pouted, swaying my hips on his hard cock, causing him to chuckle. I wasn’t about to give up without a fight. I was relentless. I was getting my way, plain and simple.
Besides, he couldn’t stay mad at me. He never could.
“Creed? Mia?” Noah’s voice resonated through the door. “What the fuck are you doin’?” He loudly knocked.
“Fuck off! We’re busy!” Creed roared, never taking his eyes off me.
I shook my head, leaning forward to kiss him, but he stopped me, putting his index finger to my lips. “Not gonna ask you again, Mia.”
I sighed. I couldn’t explain my relationship with Noah as much as I couldn’t explain my relationship with him.
It was all so complicated.
So I simply stated, “Noah was just excited about finding out we’re having a girl. He got carried away. It doesn’t matter. Don’t you trust me?”
In one swift movement, he was on top of me, closing me in with his strong muscular arms. “How often does that little shit get carried away? I saw him eyein’ your tits. He get carried away with them, too? Don’t fuckin’ like it.”
“It’s not like that. I love you.”
“You love me so fuckin’ much, I’m the last to find out you’re havin’ a baby girl?”
“That’s not fair. My appointment was this afternoon. I knew you were riding home. Not like you could have come… Besides, you wouldn’t have heard my call anyway.”
He arched an eyebrow, calling my bluff. “Phone’s always on vibrate. Try again.”
I didn’t hesitate, blurting out, “I don’t know how all this works, Creed,” I honestly spoke for the first time, needing him to hear me and understand. “It’s new territory for me, too. I want my baby to have a father, and Noah has been there for all my appointments, he knows everything that’s going on. He seems invested in being a part of helping me raise her. We’re just getting to know each other so we can be the best parents to our baby. That’s all.”
“I respect the hell out of both of ya for that. But I’m gonna be just as much, if not more, a part of this baby girl’s life as he is. Ya feel me?”
I nodded, hearing him say that gave me the courage to ask what I needed to know the most. “I know you said you’re claiming me, but I don’t entirely understand what that means. Are you my boyfriend? Are we together?”
He kissed my lips, murmuring, “Not fuckin’ anyone else, Pippin. Haven’t in a while. Who’s my girl?”
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He was always so crass and vulgar, but those were some of the things I loved the most about him. He spoke his mind, no matter what.
“I want to hear you say it. Not going to ask you again, Creed,” I mocked. Making him smile while he ran his nose from my chin to my collarbone, kissing all over my tender breasts.
“How you smell so fuckin’ good all the time? You’re my girl,” he reassured me, pulling down the front of my dress. “I lov—”
“Oh my God, babe! She just kicked,” I shouted, cutting him off. “Give me your hand. You need to feel this.” I grabbed ahold of his hand, placing it on my belly. “Say something, I think she likes your voice.”
My baby girl already loved him as much as I did.
He instantly looked up, glaring at something out in front of him, not paying me any mind. “Fuck!” he seethed, his demeanor quickly changing into the man who hid behind his cut.
I opened my mouth to say something but sounds of rapid-fire echoed all around the room, rendering me speechless. The glass windows shattered as each bullet ricocheted off the walls, landing on the ground below us. Within seconds, Creed sprang into action, rolling us off his bed while tucking my head against his chest. Trying to break our fall as he threw me onto the wood floor. Immediately shielding my body with his.
Shots continued to fill the air throughout their house, bullet casings falling all around us. I was terrified, I had never been so scared, but not for my life.
For my baby’s.
I gasped, finding it hard to breathe. How long was I out for this time? I was no longer in a moving vehicle, but in sturdy arms that were now carrying me to the unknown.
“No!” I yelled, trying to fight, but it came out more like a soft murmur.
“I’m not going to tell you again. Shut the bitch up!”
“Shhh…” the man carrying me repeated in the same tone as before. Calm and collected.
“Please, please let me go. I promise, I promise I won’t—” They were laying me down on what felt like a mattress and I instinctively, exhaustingly fought to get free. Kicking my legs, flailing my arms, clawing to escape from the men who were probably preparing to rape me.
Or worse, kill me.
“Enough,” a stern tone demanded, holding back my hands and pinning me to the bed. Slits of light shined through the blindfold that was still securely placed around my eyes.
“Please don’t hurt me. I’m pregna—” the familiar pain of a needle poking my thigh rendered me speechless. Tears ran down my heated cheeks as darkness took a hold of me all over again.

I clutched onto my stomach, screaming and crying out in agony. Convulsing in his arms. Something was wrong. The pain was blinding. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see, all I could do was feel the excruciating stabs all over my abdomen. Crippling me in ways I never thought possible.
Creed pulled out his gun, sat up and returned fire.
“Ahhh!” I cried out, rolling over into a fetal position, my arms tightly wrapped around my baby.
Chaos erupted all around me, yet all I could comprehend and wrap my mind around was my baby was in danger.
I was there but I wasn’t.
It felt as though hours had gone by. The pain was getting more and more unbearable. Every last part of my body hurt, suffocating me and making it hard to breathe. I choked on my words, overcome by fear of what was happening.
Was I losing my baby?
“Fuck! Baby, you okay?” I heard Creed yell out from above me. Pure panic laced in his tone.
“Creed, I can’t… she’s… it hurts…” I whimpered, barely speaking through the pain.
His bedroom door was suddenly kicked open, slamming against the adjacent wall. It vibrated deep within my core. For a split second, I thought this was how my life was going to end. The baby and I were going to die right here on the floor with Creed's arms wrapped around us. I couldn’t help but think about all the times he told me to stay away from him.
That he was no good for me.
I breathed out a sigh of relief when I heard Noah’s voice fill the small room, “Boys are coming! Ma’s in the steel pantry, she’s safe! Give her to me, Creed! I’ll take her to the basement!”
“The fuck you will! Cover me!” Creed picked me up off the floor, cradling me in his arms. I cringed from the sudden movement, on the verge of passing out. The pain was too excruciating to bear. Mentally begging him to stop. Pleading with him to leave me there.
I closed my eyes, coming in and out of consciousness until Creed gently laid me down onto a hard, cold surface. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing boxes all around me with a single name written on them all. Luke. A damp, stale smell assaulted my senses, causing a sudden wave of bile to rise in my throat.
“I’ll be right back. Do not move!” Creed demanded in a harsh stern tone.
“Creed… please…” I bellowed, shaking so damn hard. “Don’t leave me… please… please, I need you!”
I caught the panicked expression on his face. It was the first time I had ever seen worry radiate off his eyes and sear into my skin. He wasn’t even trying to hide it from me.
“Mia, you need to stay here. Protect our little girl, alright,” Noah chimed in, making me look over at him. It was only then I realized he was there too.
“Promise, baby. Be right back.” Creed kissed my forehead. Letting his lips linger there for a minute before releasing me. He stood up, taking his warmth with him.
The sound of bullets decorating their house echoed in the distance. They stood there, listening intently to all the rounds going off. One right after the other sounded with no pause in between.
“Stay with Mia—”
“Fuck you!” Noah interrupted. “You’re not goin’ up there alone. We can take them all out. The boys are on their way. Won’t be long.”
“Wasting fuckin’ time! Let’s go!”
Creed took one last look at me before returning to the violence that had always been his life. I understood it now more than ever. Everything he warned me about, all those times he pushed me away, his words repeating themselves over and over in my mind like a broken record.
I watched them leave with hooded eyes as they ascended back up the stairs, locking me in.
Where was I?
My grip tightened on my stomach, trying to steady the stabbing pain coursing throughout my entire abdomen. The pressure intensified with each second that passed, lying curled up on the concrete floor. Not only was my baby girl’s future hanging on the line, her daddy’s was too. Along with the man I couldn’t live without. All I could hear above were sounds of rapid gunfire, bodies hitting the floor with a thud, bullet casings littering the ground, and loud voices echoed in the air vents above, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. My heart beat uncontrollably in my ears. Pounding against my chest, taking over every last inch of my body.
I don’t know how much time went by when I felt a sudden rush of warmth seep beneath my dress, in between my legs.
I sucked in air until there was none left for the taking. My lungs feeling as though they were collapsing. There were no more tears for me to shed, no more prayers for me to plea, there was nothing left but darkness.
I didn’t know how long I was out when my eyes flickered open. The pain returned with a vengeance as I was being carried away.  
“Creed?” I softly spoke, blinking away the haze and tears. Willing my eyes to stay open. “Please… save… her…” was the last thing I said.
I swear I could hear Creed yelling, he was coming for me, closing the space that separated us. It’s only then that I realized the strong arms that were holding me weren’t familiar. They weren’t Creed’s.
I couldn’t fight.
I couldn’t move.
I couldn’t speak.
Everything just faded to black.
I jerked awake, sitting straight up in the bed gasping for air. Immediately gripping my head between my hands, noticing the blindfold was no longer in place. I closed my eyes, desperately trying to catch my bearings. The dizziness had washed over me. Where was I? Who had taken me? Creed and Noah never talked to me about the MC, why was I dragged into something that had nothing to do with me?
The questions were endless.
I protectively placed my arms around my baby girl, when the realization hit me like a ton of bricks, I didn’t feel any pain like I had before. It was gone, replaced by my body’s own drowsiness holding me down. How much time had gone by since they took me? Was my baby okay now?
Nothing made sense.
As if sensing my panic, she kicked making her presence known, and I breathed out a huge sigh of relief as I stared around the bedroom. Taking in my surroundings, thinking I would find the answers written on the walls or something. There were two black nightstands, one on each side of the bed with a lamp placed on top. A long dresser in the corner of the room, and a chair strategically placed by my bed as if someone had been sitting there, waiting for me to wake up.
An eerie feeling swept through my body, like a cold gush of water hitting my overly-frenzied skin. I swallowed hard, continuing to let my eyes wander. The black curtains were closed, keeping the light from shining through, making the room have a soft, dim glow. It was easier on my eyes to get accustomed to the brightness, and for some reason, I knew someone had done that on purpose.  
There wasn’t anything hanging on the white walls other than the flat screen TV in front of my bed. The room was small, but not entirely unpleasant. Under any other circumstances, I probably would have loved it in here. It reminded me of a bed and breakfast I’d seen in movies.
I shook off the thoughts, peering down at the bed, feeling the plush fabric of the duvet comforter under my fingertips, and comfy sheets beneath me. Pushing through the lightheadedness, I guided my legs to hang off the side of the bed. Setting my feet on the cold wood floor, I slowly stood, holding onto the bed as I made my way toward the door. I knew it wouldn’t be open, but it didn’t hurt to at least try. I turned the knob back and forth, wiggling it and just as I presumed, it was locked. I made my way over to the window next. Pulling back the curtains, causing the vivid sunlight to shine in, assaulting my sensitive eyes.
The windows were locked as well, with steel bars secured all around them. There was no way in hell I was getting out of this room unless they allowed it. That realization was the hardest pill to swallow.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another door slightly ajar. Making my way over to it, I slowly pushed it open, revealing an en suite bathroom. Complete with all the toiletries I would need, laid out on the counter. I didn’t think twice about it, I rushed in, roughly tearing through the cabinets and under the sink, needing to find anything I could use to protect myself.
It was fight or flight time, and I refused to be a victim in this situation. I had to try to save my life and most importantly the life of my unborn child. It wasn’t just me anymore. I had to protect her at any cost.
“Yes!” I breathed out when I found a pair of scissors behind the toilet paper.
They were a bit rusted and not as sharp as I would have wanted, but they would do. I securely placed them in the back pocket of my jeans, noticing for the first time that someone had changed my clothes. I was wearing a tan, wool sweater with a white tank top underneath it. My jeans fit perfectly, accommodating my swollen belly.
I abruptly stood up on trembling legs, confused by the turn of events. Taking a good hard look at myself in the mirror in front of me. Turning my head side to side preparing myself for the worst. To my surprise, there were no bruises on my face, neck, or chest. I ran my hands through my hair and took a closer look at my face. I was paler than usual, but I didn’t look any different than before. The fact that no one had harmed me was mind-blowing and too much for me to take in at that moment, but I continued to stare at the girl in the mirror.
I splashed some cold water on my face, brushed my teeth and took one last look at myself before I went back to bed. I couldn’t mentally or physically do a damn thing about the situation, but at least I was prepared to fight back when the time came.
So, I allowed my eyes to close and my body to sink into the mattress, aware of the cold metal on my back. Welcoming the darkness with open arms, allowing myself to slip back into dreams of the man I knew in my heart, would come and save me.
He grabbed my ankle, tugging me back toward him. Making me squeal. “Babe, if I want in. I’m gettin’ in,” Creed rasped, flipping me over in one quick, sudden motion. Kneeling on his bed, he hovered above me, locking my arms above my head. Holding me in place, he peered deep into my eyes and spoke with conviction, “This is how it’s gonna go down. I’m gonna angry fuck you now, and then you’re gonna beg me to make you come with that saucy, little mouth that never seems to know when to shut the fuck up. Yeah?”
“You wouldn’t dare,” I offered in a shaky voice, mostly because I wanted everything he just said.  
“Try me.”
I smiled, cocking my head to the side, provoking him even more. “I’m sorry, but visiting hours are over. I’m afraid you will have to come back later when you can be a gentleman.”
He grinned, arching an eyebrow. Getting closer to my face, he started to kiss his way from the corner of my lips, down to my chin and neck. Working his way toward my breasts that were just as eager for his touch.
“Oh, I will be comin’, question is… will I let you.”
I smiled, feeling the stubble on his face all over the cleavage of my breasts.
“Creed,” I giggled, loving the feel of him against me.
“I need to check her heart rate,” someone said, bringing my attention to the man holding a small monitor in his hands.
“What?” I replied but no one responded. When I looked back in front of me Creed was gone, no longer above me, loving on me. He was standing in the corner of the room with the same worry in his eyes when I last saw him. Sinking further and further away until he was gone. “What’s going on? Where am I?”
I was talking but no one could hear me. My lips weren’t moving, there were no sounds coming from my mouth, yet I could hear myself. Were those my thoughts?
“Mia, babe, you’re gonna be alright, so is our baby. I promise,” Noah said, standing above me.
“Noah?” I shook my head, looking up at his face. Peering from him to Creed. Squinting my eyes, everything was so bright. Where was that light coming from?
There were so many people in the room. Why was everyone shouting?
“I don’t feel anything abnormal anymore,” the same man from my left said, pressing on my stomach. “Don’t touch me! Get your hands off me!” I screamed, repeatedly thrashing around, but still, no one heard me. Still, no one sees me fighting.
No one does anything.
Not Creed.
Not Noah.
Not anyone.
And then they were gone. No one was with me. I was alone. Scared and cold. So damn tired. My eyes inadvertently shut, taking me under. Spiraling into the dark corners of my mind.
“You nervous, Mia?” Creed murmured in my ear, making me smile again.
I opened my eyes and he was hovering above me, exactly the way he was before. “Yes…” I whispered as if nothing had happened.
“Because it’s you,” I simply stated.
“I make you nervous?”
“Why do ya think that is?”
“I don’t know.”
“Yes, you fuckin’ do,” he growled, his lips were on mine before he got the last word out, attacking every last fiber in my being. Feeling his love. His protection. His warmth all over me.
The hard, jagged footsteps descending down the hall startled me awake. Boots pounding onto the wood floors, vibrated through the space between us, getting louder and louder with each passing minute. I looked over my shoulder slightly, peering around the room that was now pitch black. I couldn’t even see an inch in front of me. Nightfall had taken over. It took me a moment to remember where I was and what had happened.
My mind was still groggy and filled with unanswered questions which never seemed to stop. I grabbed the scissors from the back of my jeans, clutching them tightly in my grasp, almost to the point of pain. Bringing them close to my chest. My hand was shaking uncontrollably as I thought about the consequences of what this would bring. What did I have to lose at this point? Nothing.
I waited, steadying my quivering breath. Praying he didn’t hear my heart that was beating out of my chest. I felt it ringing through my ears, hammering against my skin. I tightly shut my eyes when I heard the lock on the door click over, opening mere seconds later.
I just laid there on my side facing the window in a state of shock, trying not to think about what I was about to do. In the forefront of my mind, I kept contemplating that maybe this wasn’t a good idea, but each time the thought circled back around, I pushed it away. Knowing this would be my only chance to get free, I wouldn’t be able to catch him by surprise again.
It was now…
Or never.
The soft translucent lighting from the hallway entered the room, but it wasn’t enough to see more than a few inches in front of you. I silently prayed he wouldn’t turn on the light. He would just leave it somewhat dark not wanting to wake me. He obviously cared enough to close the curtains earlier in the day. I figured this was the same concept.
I pretended as best as I could to be asleep, having years of practice with my parents coming in my room. Making sure I wasn’t up when I was supposed to be sleeping. The thought of my parents made my heart ache, thinking of what they must be going through made my eyes well up with tears. I knew they’d be searching for me. I knew they would never give up till they found me.
Or alive.
I pushed away those thoughts as well, knowing it wouldn’t do me any good to think about things I couldn’t change. I needed to stay in the here and now. In the present so I could have a future.
His footsteps got closer and closer to my bed until there were no more steps for him to take. Until he was standing right next to me, hovering above my side. Waiting, like I was waiting for him.
I knew he was staring at me, contemplating what to do next. He pulled back the comforter and sheets from my body, taking away my false security. I felt the edge of the bed dip. His knee touching my back.
Was he getting into bed with me?
He leaned forward, brushing the hair away from my face. Letting his fingers linger for what felt like forever. I resisted the urge to throw up, bile rose in the back of my throat. My rapid, erratic heartbeat ready to betray me. The flats of his fingers glided from my cheek down to my neck, gripping onto my shoulder. He started to turn me onto my back as I used his same momentum against him. Whipping around, I slightly opened my eyes, stabbing the scissors as hard and as deep as I could into his thigh.
“Fuck!” he groaned out in pain and I sprang into action.
I hauled ass off the bed, ignoring the unsteadiness of my body and mind, and rushed out of the room. Slamming the door behind me, peering down to see if there was a lock on the outside to lock him in with.
“Shit!” I panicked. I needed a key.
He still had the damn key.
So I ran. I ran as fast as I could down the narrow hallway, my bare feet pounding into the floor. Hoping it would lead to the front door or anywhere else I could escape from.
“HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE!” I screamed through the sting of my already burning throat. “HELP!” I ran as fast as I could through the vaguely lit hallway, only stopping to check the few doors that lined the walls. Trying the handles, banging my fists, hoping with some sort of miracle, one would open. Freeing me. “HELP! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!”
I heard the door to the room I was being held in open down the hall, and the sound of boots dragging on the wood. He was coming for me. Panic set in again, and I took off running, looking back, making sure he wasn’t behind me, not paying attention to where I was going. Before I knew it, I slammed into what felt like a brick wall, abruptly falling to the ground with a hard thud. My body collided with the hardwood, knocking the wind completely out of me.
I wheezed for air, urgently trying to get to my knees, crawling away from the tall muscular frame that was looming over me.
“Mia!” he called out, catching me by surprise.
I immediately looked up, recognizing the tone of voice.
Never in a million years expecting to see the person who was standing above me.


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I can't wait to read this, even if I am scared of the ending.


I can't wait to read this, even if I am scared of the ending.

Misti Sonntag said...

You are killing me smalls! I can't wait. ��

Mary Hamm said...

Come on midnight!! Who needs sleep...need to read!!

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